Client Testimonials


I approached 4 Paws on the go because I needed our dog (Sophie) taken care of during the work day without having to worry or be concerned about her being home all day alone. 4 Paws on the go helped me by answering to every need that I had and much more. The result was that Andrea comes to my house twice a day to walk, play and take care of Sophie’s needs. The things that I like are the honesty, trust, dependability and most of all excellent service. I found that there experience to be exceptional. I would highly recommend 4 Paws on the go to people who need to have your dog taken care of worry free day or night. This is an excellent company. I feel very lucky to have 4 Paws on the go.

Tiffany and Whiskers!!!

That's my Puppy Whiskers!!!  Hard to believe just a few short months ago this dog was INSANE!  My arms were bruised and sore, my kids were terrified of being chased, jumped on, tugged and yanked around.  Forget expecting this dog to come back if he managed to get loose!  This dog has had my nerves wrecked!  But with my awesome friend and amazing trainer, Andrea Bates , Puppy Whiskers is becoming the dog I always wanted...and he was capable of...he just needed the right guidance.  I'm so proud of you my puppy love! ❤🐕❤️