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Adventure Dog Training

What Are We?

Adventure Dog Training is a program that I will be picking up your dog and dropping them off Monday-Friday.  This four week program I will be training out in public.  As well as other activities such as hiking, dog parks, pet stores, picnics etc. By doing all of these activities your pet learns through environment and real-life situations.

What We Teach

Your pet will get the best socializing skills and training out of this program as they will be out in public everyday for four weeks.  We will also work on the commands that are a necessary for a dog to be out and about.  

  1. Sit
  2. Stay
  3. Heal
  4. Off
  5. Leave It
  6. Drop It

Our Promise

In this program they will learn to do all of these commands for an extended amount of time.  If I have not met the goals then I will agree to stay one extra week. 

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Doggie Daycare On Wheels

Doggy daycare on wheels is an opportunity for your dog to play outside everyday with other dogs.  They will enjoy the fresh air and have lots of animal and human interactions all day long.  Throughout the day we engage them in may activities as in Fetch, water play, and the most important SOCIALIZING.  

We are a full service operation so we do all pickups and drop offs.  You will never notice a change in your daily routines.   What will you notice?  Almost immediately  you will notice a change in your pets happiness and health drastically.